All Cases (English, United States of America, Innocence Project)

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To which legal systems is the resource relevant? United States of America
Which topics does the resource address? exoneration, wrongful conviction, deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, eyewitness identification, criminal justice, guilty plea, exculpatory evidence, prosecutor, law enforcement, discovery, ineffective assistance of counsel, plea bargain, death penalty, capital punishment, confession, perjury, forensic evidence
In which languages is the resource available? English
Database or repository All Cases
Sponsor, owner, or organizer Innocence Project
Website or blog on which published Innocence Project
Does this resource include a glossary, dictionary, or similar reference material? no
Is this resource freely available online? yes
United States of America +
exoneration +, wrongful conviction +, deoxyribonucleic acid +, DNA +, eyewitness identification +, criminal justice +, guilty plea +, exculpatory evidence +, prosecutor +, law enforcement +, discovery +, ineffective assistance of counsel +, plea bargain +, death penalty +, capital punishment +, confession +, perjury +  and forensic evidence +
Innocence Project +