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The objective of this wiki is to facilitate connections among people and organizations from a variety of legal systems. All cultures, languages, and systems of law are different in one way or another.

Law as a Global Community® provides an online network that permits people and organizations in the field of law and legal systems to register and create profiles, participate in discussions, form virtual communities, and exchange feedback with their peers. The owner and operator of Law as a Global Community® is Law Explorers Incorporated, which is a Texas corporation with its mailing address in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.:

Law Explorers Incorporated
2617C West Holcombe Blvd.
# 134
Houston, Texas

The discussion or talk pages provide a place in which registered users can propose discussions and solicit feedback. Registered users can also form communities, groups, or networks, send messages to one another, and submit their comments, questions, and suggestions to improve this wiki for everyone (example).

You can contact Law Explorers Incorporated via email at with regard to general questions about this website. If you detect any errors on this website, please report those errors via email to