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The 50 Shades of Federalism is a project established in October 2017 at Canterbury Christ Church University to help inform debate about many issues related to the topic of ‘federalism’. It is a partnership between the Politics and International Relations programme at Canterbury Christ Church University and the Canada Research Chair in Quebec and Canadian Studies (CREQC) at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) Having identified five main themes – Case Studies, Conflict Resolution, Diversity Management, Policies and Theory – the central aim of this project is to provide succinct, easy accessible, high quality research articles free of charge. The research articles will feature discussions on a number of abstract and historical issues, as well as illuminate some of the contemporary dynamics in debates on federalism.  +
The A2J Lab is an Arnold-Foundation-funded initiative within the Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession. Our mission is to produce rigorous evidence in the fields of access to justice (civil or criminal) and adjudicatory administration, and to combat the resistance within the U.S. Bench and Bar to rigorous empirical thinking.  +
We help individuals, organizations, and governments build and maintain sustainable free access to law portals, and reach the people of Africa and beyond.  +
This is an example of a description of the work of an author, editor, translator, illustrator, or other relevant individual.  +
BILETA is the British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association. It was formed in April 1986 to promote the use of technology in legal education throughout the UK and Ireland.  +
The Caselaw Access Project, which digitized every reported case in the country, beginning in the 1600s and up until the summer of this year, thus represents a dramatic improvement in access to law.  +
CALI advances global legal education through computer technology, employs research, collaboration, and leadership to assist a diverse audience in the effective use of this technology in legal education, and promotes access to justice through the use of computer technology.  +
The Center for Legal Innovation is dedicated to helping create a future where innovation and entrepreneurial energy redefine legal education, the practice of law, and law itself. Through the collaborative efforts of faculty, students, practitioners and industry experts, our current projects include researching ways to standardize contracts, transform legal education through distance learning, and create transparency in financial transactions.  +
The Centre for Forensic Linguistics at Aston University is the first of its kind in the world. We combine leading-edge research and investigative practice with teaching and training in forensic linguistics. Research at the Centre involves all aspects of forensic linguistics from how the police and the courts can best work with interpreters to the development and refinement of methods for identifying the author of disputed forensic texts. We have published widely and have lectured about our research in some 30 countries. Through high-quality research, we ensure that our undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses, as well as our investigative work, have a solid academic foundation.  +
Clarity was started by solicitor, John Walton, who believed that legal writing was archaic and over-complicated. Wondering if other lawyers felt the same way, Walton wrote a letter to the UK ''Law Society Gazette'' inviting solicitors and barristers to be part of Clarity. Twenty-eight people responded and Clarity was formed.  +
El Consejo de la Magistratura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires integra el Poder Judicial porteño como órgano permanente de selección de magistrados y de administración. Su función consiste en asegurar la independencia del Poder Judicial, garantizar la eficaz prestación del servicio de administración de justicia, promover el óptimo nivel de sus integrantes, y lograr la satisfacción de las demandas sociales sobre la función jurisdiccional del Estado.  +
ConstitutionNet is a project created to support legislators, constitutional lawyers and other constitutional practitioners in finding useful and relevant information, sharing knowledge and building a community of best practice.  +
The Duke Center on Law & Technology prepares students for the growing landscape of technology in the legal profession through collaboration with Duke’s innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives, engagement with local entrepreneurs, and by providing educational opportunities at the intersection of technology and the law.  +
Founded by law students in 1986, Equal Justice Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a just society by mobilizing the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice. To achieve this, we offer a continuum of opportunities for law students and lawyers that provide the training and skills that enable them to provide effective representation to underserved communities and causes.  +
This is an example of a description of the work of an organization.  +
This is an example of a description of the work of a project or activity.  +
The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK is an association founded in 1974. TSK offers information and expert services related to terminology and ontology work. TSK has carried out numerous terminology and ontology projects together with subject field experts during the years, and publishes the results in its TEPA Term Bank and on its website. TSK also gives training and consulting in terminology and ontology work.  +
Free Law Project is a California non-profit public benefit corporation and a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) public charity whose specific purposes are primarily: * To provide free, public, and permanent access to primary legal materials on the Internet for educational, charitable, and scientific purposes to the benefit of the general public and the public interest; * To develop, implement, and provide public access to technologies useful for legal research; * To create an open ecosystem for legal research and materials; * To support academic research on related technologies, corpora, and legal systems; and * To carry on other charitable activities associated with these purposes, including, but not limited to, publications, meetings, conferences, trainings, educational seminars, and the issuance of grants and other financial support to educational institutions, foundations, and other organizations exclusively for educational, charitable, and scientific purposes as allowed by law.  +
Microjusticia Argentina es una fundación que forma parte de una mesa de diálogo y red de cooperación internacional llamada Microjustice4All y con organizaciones miembro en Peru, Bolivia, Serbia, Holanda, Uganda, Ruanda y Kenya. Fundada en enero de 2010, con el apoyo de Patricia Van Nispen, la fundadora de Microjustice4All y de FIE Gran Poder, iniciamos nuestro proyecto piloto los sábados en Ingeniero Budge (La Salada) para concientizar y acompañar a las personas en la regularización jurídica de sus asuntos. A medida que pasaron los años fuimos creciendo en institucionalidad.  +
In less than one year of operation, Gavel has secured the release of more than 50 people in custody and intervened in over 1,000 situations involving attempted extortion by police or judicial officials. Gavel provides legal counsel to an average of 18 people a week.  +
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