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A Beginner’s List of Links for Those Interested in Visuals + Law  +
A Brief (and Incomplete) History of Money  +
A Concise Guide to the Federalist Papers as a Source of the Original Meaning of the United States Constitution  +
AI and the Law: 2019 in Review  +
Access to Justice Needs Law School Reform  +
African Voices of Legal Empowerment  +
April 6: CodeX FutureLaw  +
Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2018  +
Benefit Corporations & Certified B CorpsCertified B Corps and Benefit Corporations  +
Better Rules, Better Outcomes  +
Bringing a Theoretical Approach to LegalDesignDPR  +
Calling all innovators! Help achieve ‘Good ID’ for the world’s invisible billion  +
Can Technology Finally Deliver on India’s Legal Aid Promise?  +
Can blockchain help us better assist refugees and migrants in transit? Innovative Financing for Development  +
Canadian translation quality standard  +
Carta de Derechos de los Ciudadanos  +
Chicago Segregation Mapping Project Makes Real-Life Connections  +
Civic tech startups take on Nigeria's struggle for justice  +
Code Is Law – But It's Not the Only Law for Blockchains  +
Colin Rule - The Godfather of Online Dispute Resolution Speaks to Kleros  +
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