The History, Meaning, and Use of the Words Justice and Judge (English, England and United States of America, St. Mary's Law Journal)

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To which legal systems is the resource relevant? England, United States of America, New York, New York State, Texas
Which topics does the resource address? etymology, justice, judiciary, vocabulary, legal vocabulary, terminology, legal terminology, jus, ius, meaning, suffix, court of appeals, appellate court, Proto-Indo-European, Indo-European, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, meaning, morphology, word formation, semantic change, morphological change, linguistic change, linguistics, legal linguistics, meaning, Old French, French, justitia, iustitia, judex, iudex, King’s Bench, Queen’s Bench, trial court, court of common pleas, Robert Manning, John Wycliffe, Thomas Malory, Francis Bacon, Supreme Court of the United States, federal court, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Texas Courts of Appeals, Texas Court of Appeals, Texas Courts of Civil Appeals, Texas Court of Civil Appeals, Antonin Scalia, James B. Beam Distilling Co. v. Georgia, Hodgson v. Minnesota
In which languages is the resource available? English
Title of the analysis, commentary, report, or study The History, Meaning, and Use of the Words Justice and Judge
Author Jason Boatright
Editor Daniela Mondragón
If the content appeared in a periodical, newsletter, journal, or similar publication, insert the name of the publication here St. Mary's Law Journal
If the content appeared on a website or blog, insert the name of the website or blog here Digital Commons at St. Mary's University
Volume 49
Issue 4
First page 727
Last page 748
Year of publication 2018 CE
Does this resource include a glossary, dictionary, or similar reference material? no
Was this resource published in law review or similar academic or professional journal? yes
Is this resource freely available online? yes
Is this resource available as a PDF or other downloadable format? yes
Does this resource include an audio or video presentation? no
Jason Boatright +
England +, United States of America +, New York +, New York State +  and Texas +
etymology +, justice +, judiciary +, vocabulary +, legal vocabulary +, terminology +, legal terminology +, jus +, ius +, meaning +, suffix +, court of appeals +, appellate court +, Proto-Indo-European +, Indo-European +, Latin +, morphology +, word formation +, semantic change +, morphological change +, linguistic change +, linguistics +, legal linguistics +, Old French +, French +, justitia +, iustitia +, judex +, iudex +, King’s Bench +, Queen’s Bench +, trial court +, court of common pleas +, Robert Manning +, John Wycliffe +, Thomas Malory +, Francis Bacon +, Supreme Court of the United States +, federal court +, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals +, Texas Courts of Appeals +, Texas Court of Appeals +, Texas Courts of Civil Appeals +, Texas Court of Civil Appeals +, Antonin Scalia +, James B. Beam Distilling Co. v. Georgia +, Hodgson v. Minnesota +, Greek +  and Sanskrit +
Daniela Mondragón +
Digital Commons at St. Mary's University +