The Politics of Meaning: Law Dictionaries and the Liberal Tradition of Interpretation (English, United States of America, American Journal of Legal History)

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To which legal systems is the resource relevant? United States of America
Which topics does the resource address? dictionary, law dictionary, legal dictionary, lexicography, legal lexicography, John Cowell, Learned Hand, Antonin Scalia, definition, meaning, Clarence Thomas, United States v. Lopez, act of production, act-of-production doctrine, Fifth Amendment, subpoena duces tecum, Webster Hubbell, Commerce Clause, United States v. Hubbell, Giles Jacob, liberalism, John Rastell, Edward Coke, Thomas Manley, Thomas Blount, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Samuel Johnson, quotation, interpretation, legal interpretation, grammar, Francis Lieber, Christopher Hatton, Thomas Rutherforth, Samuel Pufendorf, legal language, legal terminology, legal vocabulary, John Marshall, Joseph Story, Alexander Hamilton, Constitution of the United States of America, Emmerich de Vattel, Emmer de Vattel, self-incrimination, privilege against self-incrimination, right against self-incrimination
In which languages is the resource available? English
Title of the analysis, commentary, report, or study The Politics of Meaning: Law Dictionaries and the Liberal Tradition of Interpretation
Author Gary L. McDowell
If the content appeared in a periodical, newsletter, journal, or similar publication, insert the name of the publication here American Journal of Legal History
If the content appeared on a website or blog, insert the name of the website or blog here UR Scholarship Repository
Volume 44
Issue 3
First page 257
Last page 283
Date July 2000
Year of publication 2000 CE
Does this resource include a glossary, dictionary, or similar reference material? no
Was this resource published in law review or similar academic or professional journal? yes
Is this resource freely available online? yes
Is this resource available as a PDF or other downloadable format? yes
Does this resource include an audio or video presentation? no
Gary L. McDowell +
United States of America +
dictionary +, law dictionary +, legal dictionary +, lexicography +, legal lexicography +, John Cowell +, Learned Hand +, Antonin Scalia +, definition +, meaning +, Clarence Thomas +, United States v. Lopez +, act of production +, act-of-production doctrine +, Fifth Amendment +, subpoena duces tecum +, Webster Hubbell +, Commerce Clause +, United States v. Hubbell +, Giles Jacob +, liberalism +, John Rastell +, Edward Coke +, Thomas Manley +, Thomas Blount +, Thomas Hobbes +, John Locke +, Samuel Johnson +, quotation +, interpretation +, legal interpretation +, grammar +, Francis Lieber +, Christopher Hatton +, Thomas Rutherforth +, Samuel Pufendorf +, legal language +, legal terminology +, legal vocabulary +, John Marshall +, Joseph Story +, Alexander Hamilton +, Constitution of the United States of America +, Emmerich de Vattel +, Emmer de Vattel +, self-incrimination +, privilege against self-incrimination +  and right against self-incrimination +
The Politics of Meaning: Law Dictionaries and the Liberal Tradition of Interpretation +
UR Scholarship Repository +