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For which legal systems does the resource provide instruction? United States of America
On which topics does the resource provide instruction? writ, All Writs Act, Judiciary Act of 1789, prerogative writ, subpoena, warrant, common law, Common Law, federal court, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, extraordinary writ, extraordinary remedy, judicial discretion, habeas corpus, writ of habeas corpus, state court, certiorari, writ of certiorari, appellate court, Supreme Court of the United States, mandamus, writ of mandamus, writ of prohibition, quo warranto, writ of quo warranto, writ of procedendo, writ of execution, attachment, writ of attachment, writ of body attachment, contempt of court, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, writ of error
For which languages is instruction provided? English
Title of the online educational resource for law and legal systems Writ
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URL https://ballotpedia.org/Writ
Does this resource include a glossary, dictionary, or similar reference material? no
Was this resource published in law review or similar academic or professional journal? no
Is this resource freely available online? yes
Is this resource available as a PDF or other downloadable format? no
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United States of America +
writ +, All Writs Act +, Judiciary Act of 1789 +, prerogative writ +, subpoena +, warrant +, common law +, Common Law +, federal court +, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure +, extraordinary writ +, extraordinary remedy +, judicial discretion +, habeas corpus +, writ of habeas corpus +, state court +, certiorari +, writ of certiorari +, appellate court +, Supreme Court of the United States +, mandamus +, writ of mandamus +, writ of prohibition +, quo warranto +, writ of quo warranto +, writ of procedendo +, writ of execution +, attachment +, writ of attachment +, writ of body attachment +, contempt of court +, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure +  and writ of error +