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Welcome to Law as a Global Community®! The objective of this wiki is to facilitate connections among people and organizations from a variety of legal systems. All cultures, languages, and systems of law are different in one way or another. Law as a Global Community® believes that this diversity will serve as an advantage if we manage it with a spirit of cooperation, pluralism, and innovation.

With the collaborative tools of Semantic Mediawiki[1], registered users[2] can contribute, edit, search, and analyze information about themselves (example) and elements of our global community of law:

The discussion or talk pages provide a place in which registered users can propose discussions and solicit feedback. Registered users can also form communities, groups, or networks, send messages to one another, and submit their comments, questions, and suggestions to improve this wiki for everyone (example).


  1. Those collaborative tools include properties, templates, forms, and categories. Law as a Second Language® collects resources about these collaborative tools and other topics and technologies under the category How to use this wiki.
  2. To register as a user, send a brief introductory message by email to with "Registration of User" as the subject.